Monday, February 05, 2007

Star Banner Story

The story about Michael's curatorial debut at the Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' and Owners' Association was published in the Sunday newspaper in the "Arts & Travel" section rather than in the "Go" section of last Thursday as thought. It was an informative and well written article. That's moi standing in front of my painting "No Blinkers". The photographer took about 800 photos and decided to use this one. Not so flattering and a great shot of the back of Rene's head. I spent the day recreating the goofy expression on my face. Good thing I've got a sense of humor. Michael the agent says any publicity is good publicity.

Today I visit the chiropractor. The pain in my lower back is worsening and I can't tell if it's my hip or the sacroiliac. It refers down to my right ankle and foot with more pain and tingling. The weird thing is I can stand and paint at my canvases for hours pain-free. Now there's a blessing. As soon as I sit I get very uncomfortable quickly. Sleeping poorly too. We've got a very busy month ahead and I choose to be healthy. Tonight the "artist salon" I organized meets for the second time.

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