Sunday, February 18, 2007

Still Chugging Along

I insisted that Michael take complete rest all weekend to regain his health from the flu. To do this I tried to be as unobtrusive as possible. If I stayed home and worked in the studio, he would work too. So, I choose to go out and tackle a dreaded task - shopping!

Now I enjoy grocery shopping but I dread clothes shopping. I'm a jeans and t-shirt artist and very comfortable and happy this way. However, as business is really picking up steam, Michael isn't always available for "meetings" which means I have to class up my act and appear sharp and prosperous to potential clients. So, as I consider shopping a total waste of time, I invented some rules to help me get through it. Now mind you, I don't even know what my style is outside of the aforementioned jeans and t-shirts. Therefore, I promised myself to look for something expressive of my personality (ha!), never look at the price tag, to just try it on and if I like the fit and the look, it's a sale. Shockingly, I did very well with these prerequisites. I actually purchased three funky blouses and an equally outrageous t-shirt with - dare I say - bling!

Tomorrow night will be the third meeting of the artist salon. I've asked everyone to bring a list of artistic and business goals including a "breakthrough goal" which should be huge and life changing. These meetings charge everyone with enthusiasm and I'm wondering if every other week is enough - do we maintain the momentum of fervor and passion for two weeks? To be discussed...

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