Sunday, December 21, 2008

Year in Review

Last year I wrote a commentary on every goal I set for 2007. I'll not bore you with another long-winded treatise as we are all well aware of the state of affairs in 2008. I will, however, post my accomplishments next week and they are surprisingly many. During the downturn, many of my artists friends as well as moi took advantage of the time to re-focus, re-organize and build up an inventory of artwork. Bring on 2009.

Of course sales were down but my overall spirits and intentions remain optimistic. I learned to shut off the media naysayers and their dire predictions that can invade your psyche on a cellular level. Michael created a "no news zone" to help maintain my concentration. I'm grateful.

I learned to say "no". Wisdom and experience are finally manifesting in my decision making. Galleries and corporations who exploit the over-eagerness of desperate artists are legion. I weeded the non-productive galleries, maintaining strong affiliations in Hot Springs, Lexington, Saratoga and of course here in Ocala.

I learned to say "yes" to the "stepping out of the box" concept. Listening to the wisdom of my feelings has provided wonderful, intuitive assessment of opportunities that reveal themselves from the most unlikely sources. It's all good if one just stays alert and pays attention. I still make stupid mistakes, but I no longer beat myself up over them. There is some truth to the saying "there is no bad publicity". In other words, something positive could actually come from my old bull-in-a-china-shop race track temperament. Be brave.

Gratefulness became a priority throughout the year. Observing loss suffered by others enlightened me to the multitude of gifts and blessings I possess.

Non-judgment informs me that we're all in this together. We cope with our lot as best we can, some being stronger and more resolute than others. Anger and blame is fading from my experience. Oh, I still get pissed off but that outburst is quickly countered with forbearance. Finally. There really are some positives to getting old...

"So, why would I be optimistic about the year of 2009? Because someone will survive this mess and continue to paint, so it may as well be me." - Linda Blondheim


Anonymous said...

Sharon- finding your voice and your position feels so right, doesn't it. Naysayers are idle curmudgeons with too much time on their hands ( they ought to try painting AND blogging instead )and need to be dismissed.
Good works, reputation and consistency will always trump wet blankets.

A fitting quote from someone who is inspiration to all artists who read Linda's blog.

Bring in 09 with a brush held high.

Anonymous said...

PS- Great cover of you on Empty Easel blog! Well deserved.

Sharon Crute said...

Bonnie: Thanks for your input. I know your thoughts reflect a forward, positive mind-set and yes, we're waving those brushes way, way to the heavens.

Re: the cover on EE. Do you mean the one from several months back?

Anonymous said...

The current blog post of Empty Easel has a story featuring you and your equine art. I'm going to look for it now and send you the link!

Anonymous said...

here's the link:
But now I noticed that it's dated from last year- but it still came up somehow when I scrolled around the site.

Nancy Moskovitz, artist said...

Well said, Sharon. And that's why you are our OOHA leader. I hope there is a link to your well-deserved Art Business News coverage.