Sunday, December 14, 2008

Finished Painting

I started this painting a few weeks back. With all the holiday commissions, it was relegated to leaning against the wall of the studio. I'm glad it leaned, I was able to see it with fresh eyes when I returned.

thoroughbred paintingUntitled as yet, 18"x30", oil on canvas.

The two powerful, muscular hindquarters were my focal point, therefore I modeled them meticulously. The rest was painted in single, intentional strokes, provided I loaded up my brush with enough paint. I contrasted the deep neutrals of the horses with intense greens of the turf, repeating the strong color in the saddle towels and a bit of silks in the upper right corner.

horse artThis detail illustrates the one stroke technique. While the paint was still wet, I used the end of my brush to score in the texture of flung grass.

"Art that wants to be felt does not have the need to be admired". - Darby Bannard


Nancy Moskovitz said...

Such incredible energy. It's fantastic. Could you explain more about what you mean by "score?" thanks

Sharon Crute said...

Nancy, maybe I should have said "scribed". While the paint was still very wet, I used the end of my brush to "draw" the blades of grass being tossed up by the running and digging action. I picked up green paint from the turf and pulled it across the horses legs and vise versa. I guess "score" has more to do with cutting.

Anonymous said...

Sharon- meticulous enough to be a Greys' Anatomy for Equines, I would say!
Fantastic motion and that cropped composition puts your eye just where the definition of " horse " is. Those hindquarters.

Liked the close up and the explanation of the effect in the grass.
A stunner- this one.

Happiest of Holidays.

Sharon Crute said...

Back atcha Bonnie. As always, thanks for the encouraging words.

Nancy Moskovitz said...

Thanks for the explanation.....good for collectors to know too. Did I see this painting in Elaine's studio downtown? If I saw it, others will too.