Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Coating for Giclees

For those of you who produce giclee fine art reproductions, I've discovered a textured coating that you may find interesting. For the last few years, I've dabbled in various coatings but most have been so-so with mostly cons. But I love this one: Bulldog Impasto. You simply brush it on over the giclee (after applying a UV protective coating) . I must mention, almost all my giclees are on canvas, so I can't speak for other substrates.

giclee reproductionsOkay, my photography is to be desired, but I'm attempting to illustrate the texture. It really adds another dimension. Not requiring that much time, you brush it on and follow the original brushstrokes. Repeat applications are also an option to build up more texture. The product goes on milky (like acrylic mediums) but dries crystal clear. So far, my clients have enthusiastically embraced it. Makes those affordable reproductions further mimic an original piece of art.

The Bulldog Company may or may not send you a sample. They did for me but I an a client of their canvas and coating products. Worth asking for anyway.

"Texture adds variety and visual stimulus to the surface of a painting". - Britton Francis (and giclees)

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