Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tree Ornament

I'll try anything - once.

Michael and I are attending a party this weekend for a young engaged couple. The invitation asks that we bring a ornament for their first tree. A light "bulb" went off in my head that a hand-painted ornament would be personal, special.

Christmas tree ornamentAs an artist who generally paints large canvases, this was a challenge. I sat stooped over my drafting table wearing white cotton gloves, shoulders cramping, all the while wondering what the heck has happened to my eyesight.

mares and foalsOh, and of course acrylic paints where in order. Those of you who paint with acrylics, well, I applaud you. As I mixed a perfect color and began to meticulously brush it on, the rest was quickly drying on my palette into a gooey mess.

Ocala, Florida
I'm pleased with the results though. The foals represent the young new love and there are oak trees draped in Spanish moss representing our beautiful Ocala .

"Christmas is a time when you get homesick - even when you're home". - Carol Nelson


Nancy Moskovitz said...

Very impressive. You may be onto something here.

Sharon Crute said...

Nancy: Thanks, but this is a one-time project. I have three more glass bulbs left if anyone is interested...