Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Derby Pick

big brownI can't believe the Kentucky Derby is only a few days away. "Big Brown" is my pick but only if it's a dry, fast track. It's those mud-sucking glue-ons I'm concerned with. Now come on, look at that photo. Who does he remind you of?

My webmistress spent the afternoon with me to demonstrate how "easy" it is to finish off my web renovation. For me to do it, mind you. Geesh, it's a lot of work. One of those 2:00am-I-can't-sleep projects.

Slow time in the studio. I've been working on some 8"x10" canvases to generate $$. Generic fluff, not so dynamic, but useful to explore color and content. Envelope pushing. Considered putting them on eBay but, you know, even eBay is slow these days. Just this afternoon I thought it would be wise to consider producing some Saratoga subject paintings that my gallery has been asking for...oh, for about four years now.

Then that thought was interrupted by a call from a friend inviting me to go kayaking tomorrow.

I'll be sure and take photos!


Nancy Moskovitz said...

This sounds like you started out with generic fluff but discovered some worth in those 8 x 10s. They are a great way to experiment and push the envelope.

Sharon Crute said...

You're so right Nancy. Without a big investment in time and materials, it's a great way to try out some new techniques, color and subject matter.