Sunday, May 04, 2008

And So It Goes

eight belles
big brownI woke up this morning thinking I'm glad I'm not Larry Jones. Nope, wouldn't want to walk down the shedrow and face a barnful of devastated help with long faces in tears. Heavy hearts, heavy sighs, as a suffocating pall settles over another workday.

I've been reading the recriminations, hysteria and lots of speculating blame from the internet blow hards. Of course, the majority coming from non-horse people who - sorry - just don't know. This is so unsettling for ALL of us. Every horse person in the world has been through a similar type of tragedy whether it's racing, eventing, polo, driving, or just plain trail riding on a Sunday afternoon. Yes, we have.

Larry Jones loves his horses. You can see it. This quote by Jones to the local Courier-Journal in Louisville: "All we had to do was gallop out, stop and come home," Jones said. "The race was over. All we had to do was come back and be happy."

Congratulations to Big Brown and his connections. He looks like a monster. Reminds me of the connections of Bernardini in the '06 Preakness. Who, you ask? There you go...


Bonnie Luria said...

Sharon- I thought of you when I heard this sad news. I don't know much about racing - only that I love horses too.
It's always tragic to see this kind of thing.

Sharon Crute said...

Bonnie-it's devastating. We're all trying to come to grips with it. Thanks for your acknowledgment.