Friday, April 11, 2008

Equus IV: The Art of the Horse

The opening reception of my exhibit at the Museum of Florida Art took place last night. Three paintings of mine are included in an exhibit entitled: Equus IV: The Art of the Horse.

I'd post some photos but we were greeted with a sign that forbade such activity. Back to the packed parking lot to put the digital away. Of course, said contraband flashed throughout the galleries. I almost asked those sneaks to e-mail me some pics for the blog as the artwork was impressively strong and the shoulder to shoulder attendance remarkable. Who knew a show of horse art could draw such a crowd? And at a well-respected museum? Made my week, I'll tell ya.

I was also pleased and, well, relieved to be in such good company. I knew only one other artist and it appeared that the quality works were produced by genuine equine artists, not other disciplines who (ugh) decide to paint a horse. You can spot those from a country mile away...

Does that sound elitist? Snotty? I always advise artists to be careful who they exhibit with. Poor, amateur work flanking your artwork will pull it down to that level, regardless of how beautiful it is.


Karen Thumm said...

Congratulations on your new exhibition! Please do post photos if you find some!

I'm with you when it comes to non equine artists being chosen for an equine art show. The public may not know the difference, but we do and horse people do!

Sharon Crute said...

Thanks Karen, great to hear from you after soooo long!