Saturday, April 19, 2008

Opening Reception at the Elliott Museum

Back down to Stuart, Florida Friday night for the opening reception at the Elliott Museum. Featuring the paintings of six artists from the "Out of Hand Artists" salon, I think it was a strong and diverse collection of artwork.

moe hahnTwo equine artists were selected including my good friend Moe Hahn who paints in the genre of driving, dressage, polo, eventing and hunter/jumping.

It was a decent crowd. My job is to meet guests, explain my paintings and help make the experience enjoyable for the patrons. This particular reception was limited to members of the museum.
elliott museumLaVaine Wrigley and Marlee Matheson (pictured above with moi) were largely responsible for hanging the exhibit. I was thrilled with the excellent job Marlee did hanging my eighteen panel piece, "Mile and a Sixteenth (and change)".

thoroughbred art Everyone was intrigued with the piece. I submitted three large, edgy works that were well received. Approaching onlookers and providing an explanation resulted in interesting dialog.

out of hand artistsThis way cool explanation of our salon was printed on a panel at the entrance to the gallery. The entire exhibit was beautifully presented and the reception was elegant. Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it all possible!


Ayush said...

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Bonnie Luria said...

Sharon- this is, as you said, a very elegant display. You can feel the pounding of hooves on those walls.
I particularly liked your " Paintings, Squared-" shown as they were.

And your Out of Hand Artists signage has just the right amount of healthy aesthetic attitude to let people know what they were seeing.

Painting is only part of the package. There's this aspect of getting the work out and making it public. You can sure feel good about all the venues you've been in the past few months.
You've been busy!
Congratulations on another show.

Sharon Crute said...

Thanks Bonnie. I've been blessed to finally realize the fruits of many years of "dogged perseverance". Some of us are too thick-headed to ever take no for an answer. Not that there haven't been times that I wanted to pack my paint box away for good. I guess that's the positive side of being obsessively driven!