Thursday, March 13, 2008


I decided to take the week off. Shocking?

I could feel the slow creep of depression insinuating itself. The mural, the Hot Springs exhibit, getting hurt, the work, the work, the work...there's such a thing as trying too hard. Yes, I'm the driven soldier. I realize that I hold myself to the most unrealistic standards (obsessive), so I've no one to blame but moi.

Our yard is in a post winter state and I allowed myself to play caretaker. A trip to Lowe's for various plants and flowers and my mood just naturally brightened. Miracle Grow is amazing stuff. The results are evident the NEXT day! As I was trimming my bottle brush this morning, the bumble bees buzzed amicably around my head. They're so shy - if you try to observe them up close, they're gone.

I easily avoided the studio and computer all week.

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