Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm B-a-a-c-k

Apologies to my subscribers for the absence of posts. A week before my departure to Hot Springs I "threw" my hip "out" and took to bed for several days. It all starts with my obsessive attempts to be all, do all. Just one more painting was my mantra. So much for those best laid plans...

Anywho, I limped into Gallery Central in Hot Springs, Arkansas and was welcomed by a winter snow storm.

snowI haven't seen or felt snow in eight years. Beautiful, but soooo cold.

gallery centralTurnout was brisk, in spite of the weather.

hot springsGallery manager Rae Johnson is second from right. She's standing in front of Jan Wood's exquisite bronzes.

Moi with equine art lover.

equine artI freely admit to being an driven workaholic. Once again, I resolve to take a day to play. My hip now demands it.


Bonnie Luria said...

Sharon, I applaud your optimism, and often turn off the smiling news idiots who in one breath say we're going into a depression and then smile inanely as though it's their Oscar speech. Rubbish.
Your work looked stunning on the gallery walls- I can't see how anyone wouldn't be itching to snatch one of your paintings.
Do remember to take a moment or two to smell the manure! Injuries are what happens to us when we're too driven. Who has the time to be down for the count!
Welcome back ( and welcome hip!)

Sharon Crute said...

Thanks so much Bonnie. I don't want to give energy to the negativism. I'm realistic yet assuming the best.
Amazing how your body will rebel when driven too hard. I've taken it easy since returning from Hot Springs and it's been a study in meditation!