Saturday, March 29, 2008

Champions Now and Future

curlin dubaiGreat day of racing, huh? Curlin didn't disappoint and performed as the bona fide champion he is. Let the glut of Curlin paintings begin! Got art?

All the races from Dubai were broadcast on HRTV today. Way cool.

Congrats to the connections of Diamond Stripes as well. A card of diamond stripes dubaiwell wishes is in order seeing that they're my clients. Their farm is just up the road from moi. I'm thrilled for them and it was fun to see the joy in the winner's circle. Oh yeah, and the big gray is a Florida-bred.

Big Brown hammered the Florida Derby easily and was reminiscent of another three-year-old monster who campaigned a couple of years ago. Oh so impressive.

In between the races, we ran over to the Live Oak Championship Combined Driving. I wanted to visit with some artist friends who were there exhibiting as I'm only mildly interested in driving. Anticipated event is the obstacle course which was in progress when we arrived. As I wandered over to take a look, a horse had fallen over a fence in an obstacle and got tangled up. Who knew such a genteel sport could be so dangerous?

live oak drivingSomeone quickly showed up with a - get this - chain saw. Um, what, no hammer and crowbar? They even put up the blue screens for I what imagine was in case of a slip and/or wayward flailing leg.

four in handThe rest of the team would have no part of the buzz saw and broke loose. I don't blame them.

chain sawsThankfully, the freed horse walks away unscathed from the horrifying power tool.

chester webberAnd the games go on...

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