Friday, March 21, 2008

Glory of Horses

mural mosaicHere's an awesome website: Mural Mosaic. Individual artists paint on separate toned panels and when assembled, it becomes an amazing whole image. A "mother image" is painted in tones and then distributed to artists to interpret, keeping faithful to the tones. The website is vague about the purpose and founders, but the best I can figure is that it's the brain child of artists Phil Alain, Lewis Lavoie, and Paul Lavoie. Look at this mural to the above right, "Trust". Check out the link here. You can click on any individual panel for a larger view of the artwork. It's incredibly creative. What a kick this entire website is.

horse artThis panel is the horse's eye. Incredulous? Check it out for yourself. It's by artist Lewis Lavoie.

glory of horsesI'm involved in a similar project sponsored by "The Glory of Horses", a horse rescue organization. These are my toned panels. The one above was inspirational right off the bat, but the one below was a challenge. See any horsey images in the tones?

horse rescueI've promised not to reveal my finished panels until the entire project is unveiled. Apparently, their first booking is at the Kentucky Derby Museum during the Derby week festivities. Can't wait.

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