Friday, October 26, 2007

Selling Out

There's marketing and then there's crappy overwrought commercialism. Any mention to this year's Kentucky Derby must (apparently) be referenced in print media as: "Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands (G1)". Wonder how the blue bloods feel about this. And now, any indication to the world-wide, global Breeders' Cup Classic must be referred to as: "Breeders’ Cup Classic Powered by Dodge (G1)". Where's the tradition, purity, integrity?

Those who know me are aware of my intentions to learn marketing, branding, self-publicity and promotion during this past year or so, in spite of my left-brained preponderance. It just seems cheesy for America's top races and be soooo beholden to corporate sponsors.

Okay, I'm ranting again. Humor me. This afternoon I watched a caterer win the filly and mare sprint (sorry Oprah), Nownownow do it without cobra venom (we can only assume), and the son of the giant killer carry on the tradition. I've been in the studio slapping paint on canvas all week in anticipation of an afternoon of beer and munchies tomorrow. Oh, and speaking of paint, what artist lives and breathes horse racing and is an intrepid ambassador to the sport? What artist has done more to promote horse racing, has lived the life from hotwalker to racing official more than moi? HUH? So, I'm perusing the Breeders' Cup website today and what do I stumble artist giving a painting away in exchange for publicity! Humongous publicity! Oh yeah, for charity. Is this what I have to do to get noticed by the marketing departments of various race tracks, organizations and/or corporate sponsors? One would think they'd take advantage of such an aficionada, fanatic, devotee, enthusiast, addict, groupie, supporter, admirer and...buff! And a former owner/trainer, damn it!

I'll put my work up to anyone's anytime.
An exciting and glorious day of Breeders' Cup racing to all...

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