Sunday, October 07, 2007


landmark aviation"Paydirt" in the Landmark lobby.

We're pleased to acquire a new business client, Landmark Aviation, located at the Ocala International Airport. After recently renovating the lobby, the former flying-related photographs were replaced with my giclees.

thoroughbred art"Daybreak" an Ocala farm-themed image.

Landmark is directly across from Ocala Breeders' Sale Company. There's brisk activity of horse people flying in and out during the sales providing exposure to my target audience.

obs"Moi" in the seating area.

I think the artwork adds a lot of color and interest to the beige walls.

hilton hotel"Walking Ring" by the men's room.

My prints seem to be appearing inside or in close proximity to public restrooms. Recently someone informed me that my prints were in the restrooms of the local Hilton. We checked it out, they were. Better than not at all!


Ct said...

Hello Sharon,

WOW!!!! You go with all that wonderful art now hanging where lots can see it. It is beautiful. I always tell people not to be offended by art hung in the bathroom. I have a great piece of mine in my downstairs guest room and that has paid off being right there where no one can miss it. Will be glad to see how your show goes and all the best to you.


Sharon Crute said...

You've got a point, Ct! Been trying to e-mail you but it's returned by that dreaded "mailer demon".

Thanks for the well wishes...

Ct said...

try my gmail acct.
my website email is just so not together these days. Im posted the newer email address on my front page.
We might be in Florida at Christmas time. My sister lives in Jacksonville and I would love to come for a visit and see all this wonderful art.