Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New Painting

It's finally completed! I've been working of this piece forever (in between projects) and now we have to contend with the very real logistics of weight, size and of course, the diagonal format. Our house is too small to assemble it for photographing so we carted it over to my good friends at the FTBOA. Puzzle pieces on the floor and then upstairs to their gorgeous gallery to shoot down below. It's still destined to be professionally shot, but we wanted an image to begin marketing.

horse paintingNine canvases of various sizes. I took my inspiration from an old b&w photograph that I've had for years. I carefully considered a graph with negative space. Half inch equaled one foot. Dimensions are approximately 13.5' x 14'. We couldn't eliminate the angle, even from hanging over the upstairs railing - the pros will do that for us. Michael just left to discuss the project with the photographer, Cheuvront Studios. Al and Allen are actually looking forward to taking this one on. Ha!

horse racingThe floor of the FTBOA. It looks like a wall.

My intention is to take this genre painting and crossover to the mainstream. I'm attempting something fresh, edgy, and innovative. Asking myself constantly, "...how do I present this tired old subject with a new approach that won't alienate my clients and still stay true to myself?"

thoroughbred racing
Scale photo. I'm about 5'6".


Jessi said...

Fabulous, Sharon!
Is it a coincidence that the whole shape resembles a horse head? Maybe my imagination is reaching, or maybe you planned it.
Either way, GREAT work!

Jessi said...
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Wendy said...

LOVE the new painting - how innovative and the subject is gorgeous! I
d love to commission a painting from you - will contact you about that!

Sharon Crute said...

Jessi: The shape of the horse head must have been a subconscious effect.
Jessi and Wendy: Thanks for the kind compliments. This is a breakout piece for me.