Friday, June 01, 2007

Dishin' It Out

Chef Randal White in front of my tile mural "Sneaking Off".

Unsuspectingly, today I perused yesterday's local newspaper looking for movie listings. I leafed past this photo and then double-backed, recognizing my artwork! That's certified executive chef Randal White receiving make-up in preparation for the taping of a new cable show "Dishin' It Out". Wow! (of course, we're on satellite)

Yes, Chef White is a celebrity in these parts but he holds down a steady gig as head chef at Arthur's of Ocala Hilton. The show is taped at Sag Harbor Kitchens who commissioned the tile mural from me. It looks outstanding installed as the backsplash of a Viking stove and beautiful custom designed cabinetry.

Way, way cool.


Wendy said...

ooohhh - I'd LOVE to have a racing scene as a background to my stove. That is a great idea!

Sharon Crute said...

Wendy, The tiles look spectacular with clear bright colors and detail. Unfortunately, they're very expensive for me to produce - a sublimation process.