Friday, June 29, 2007

My Poor Neglected Blog

The week off from the studio turned into two, however, the appraisal was conducted today and we feel confident regarding the re-fi. The exterior of the house was totally repaired and painted as well as a ton of work inside. New doors, molding, baseboards, lighting, even new drapes - the list goes on. I'm quite pleased but exhausted and very sore. After what seemed like 900 trips up and down the ladder, my hips are killing me. We worked 14 hour days steadily for over two weeks and learning as we went along.

old house"Before"

house painting"After"

art studioThe landscaping is really coming along and I've got Michael to thank for that. He installed some solar uplights in amongst the palm and banana trees. Lovely effect after dark. Those double French doors open to my studio which was converted from a former garage. And that bloody sod we broke our backs laying is gorgeous.

So, it's no more outside projects for me until next October. We couldn't have picked a hotter time to paint the house. It's done, it looks fab and I'm taking several days off before heading back to that salt mine of a studio where the work beckons and the workaholic answers.


Jessi said...

Sharon not only paints paintings, she paints houses! It looks good. Congrats!

Melissa said...

Hi Cousin!

The house looks beautiful! All that hard work certainly paid off... you should be proud of your efforts... Keep cool down there..
Love ya!