Monday, June 11, 2007

Absolute Insurer

The news media and blogosphere has pretty well covered the race with glowing comments on the deserving Rags to Riches and kudos to valiant Curlin. I'll spare you any more. Yes, it was a spectacular, historic race.

Am I the only one who choked on their beer during the pre-race interview with Steve Asmussen when he stated that he accepted the trainer's responsibility rule, thought it was an important rule and that it should never be changed? Was he for real?!! Was he coerced, threatened, blackmailed or was it a a requirement in a deal for his re-instatement? Perhaps there was a gun pointed at him off camera?

Steve-o, you looked a bit squeamish and uncomfortable uttering those words and you visibly winced when you mentioned that the "illegal substance" that got you ruled off for six months was 750 times the legal limit. Rather a contradiction of sorts. The drug was Mepivicaine, a Class 2 drug considered capable of affecting performance (a local anaesthetic). So, if you didn't administer the drug, who did? The vet? A disgruntled employee? Maybe someone who just doesn't like you and would like to make your life a living hell?

The interview concluded stating that three security guards are posted outside Curlin's stall 24 hours a day. Hmmm, must be that trainer's responsibility rule keeping Steve awake at night. Also, curiously, we haven't heard much of late regarding the New Mexico ruling he's appealed in which his horse "Boots are Walking" tested positive for
Acepromazine, a Class 3 substance. Is this part of the negotiations i.e. will it just go away?

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