Sunday, September 13, 2015

OPA Paint Out

Oil Painters of America encourages members throughout the country to organize plein air paint outs . Today I attended one in Londonderry, Vermont, and although the weather was not quite cooperating, it was still lots of fun and a relief to not be rushing through a painting. Organized by accomplished artist Hilary Mills Lambert at Taylor Farm (a real working farm), it was a great way to unwind from the stress of the Oklahoma plein air series and meet some new artist friends.

The farm offered plenty of cows, horses, goats, hogs, chickens and one turkey. The horses were out in a large paddock and would not come visit, so I settled for some very sweet and friendly young cows.

It was a dark and drizzly day but I set up under the hatchback of my minivan. The cows were terrible models and wandered off when bored and/or filled up with hay. It's great practice for a lazy and defiant memory.

I decided to pack it in when the moisture invaded my oils, plus I was getting chilled from the damp and cooler temps. Before leaving, I grabbed my camera to take some photos. I love this series - this artist set up her easel and moved to the right where her vehicle was parked to retrieve something. The chickens were overcome with curiosity!

Here's the list of upcoming paint outs, and most are open to non-OPA members.


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