Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Quick Return to Oklahoma

The weather this past week was nothing short of spectacular. Even though I have orders and commissions waiting, I couldn't resist getting back to the Oklahoma training track, this time without the pressure of time constraints and alla prima demands. Four consecutive mornings of two hour sessions (7-9) produced a studied piece. I went bigger, the biggest I've plein air painted to date, 16"x20".

With the change in the weather giving us cooler nights (50's) and the hot horses just returning from the track, the steam resulting from their baths was abundantly beautiful! In fact, I could have put more in. I painted the background and let it set up a bit in order to apply a light, warm tone which I scrubbed in with my finger, otherwise I would have been dealing with a muddy mess (something I'm very good at...making mud). I can tweak a few things but I'm letting this remain a 100% plein air piece.

Cool Morning, Hot Bath, 16"x20", oil on canvas (sold)
There are several pieces from the Forty (Thirty) Paintings in Forty Days project that I want to revisit, this one being the back of Weaver's barn. The first one I completed was subject to a hazy, overcast day and a two hour deadline. What a difference, huh?
Behind Weaver's Barn, 8"x10" oil on panel

As promised, a Saratoga 2015 review:
  •  Many fans were disgruntled due to several track changes this year and freely vented their unhappiness on us. At first we politely listened and then - we'd had enough negativity. We suggested that they contact NYRA management and express their views to them as there was nothing that we as vendors could do and the powers-that-be should be made aware.
  • My booth has not been located in the same spot for six years and I wonder how many people who wanted to visit couldn't find me. The new location was fine, but will I be there next year?
  • The weather was simply gorgeous. Warm, wonderfully sunny days and it only rained on Tuedays (dark) or during the night! 
  • Fifteen thousand plus fans showing up early Friday morning before the Travers just to witness American Pharoah gallop was a phenomenon we will not see again any time soon. His defeat to Keen Ice affirmed this track as the "graveyard of favorites." I thought he ran a stupendous race in the Travers and has nothing to apologize for. Nothing. Not with his resume.
  • I spent little time in the booth as that was the deal Michael made with me. Didn't miss it either!
  • Plein air painting almost every day under the pressure of creating a completed piece is one of the best challenges I have ever taken on. What I learned and experienced couldn't be duplicated in any other situation. Don't get me wrong, a workshop with the likes of Scott Christensen is still on my bucket list! I painted some mediocre pieces, some real turkeys but also some decent ones. Even sold several. Michael put up a sign at the booth entrance inviting people to come in and see the "painting of the day" and they did! As I photographed for this blog I harshly self-critiqued each piece and that's where the accelerated learning took place.
  • The biggest takeaway? Confidence. My uneasy self-consciousness melted away daily as I met so many supportive people who thought it was a hoot that I set up my gear all over Oklahoma to paint. As one owner told me, "I love seeing you do this - that's the way Saratoga is supposed to be."
And it's not over,

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