Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Day 30 - Forty, er, Thirty Paintings in Forty Days

I didn't hit the forty mark but I did manage thirty! Whoo hoo!

Those other ten days I had to be in the booth (every Saturday), work in the studio (coating giclees and one rush order commission), give Michael a couple of days to print orders, and one sick day. I thought I could make up any missed days on Tuesday (our dark day) but that was filled with packing and shipping, running to the art store in Albany and/or to one of our suppliers, and the rest of the usual errands of grocery shopping, the cleaners, bank, etc.

Today I'm faced with the herculean task of tearing down the tent, washing grid walls and the tent itself. My house is a disaster...looks more like a warehouse with hoarder-like pathways. The cats are feeling horribly neglected but they'll get over it in a few days when they realize life is returning to normal. Funny how they become sullen when they don't get attention.

It's all good though.

I've fallen back in love with blogging. I used to post 2-3 times per week before everyone jumped on the Facebook bandwagon and I determined no one was reading my posts. The problem with FB is we don't own that little piece of cyber real estate and someone else decides what we can see and who will see us.

I admit I dashed this one off yesterday:
Last Day, 8"x10", oil on panel
I was close to Union Ave. on the outside of the old Horse Haven track. Michael and others were waiting for me and I was anxious to join them. Ironically, as I painted, someone across the street played a bagpipe! Just when you start taking yourself too seriously...

I'm glad I'm not at Oklahoma today, watching all those vans pack up the outfits and head out. My heart is filled with love and admiration for not only the horses but also the people who work on the backside. I know firsthand what their lives consist of. I didn't feel this compassionate when I was one of them. From the outside looking in, I guess. Distance. I met so many dedicated trainers and workers and they were all wonderfully supportive of my efforts.

I'll go into more detail in a few days after I analyze the summer and muck out a bit.

Still wired,


Jo Castillo said...

Congrats on finishing your project! Love the paintings. I much prefer blogs to other social media. I use a blog reader and can just check who has posted that I follow (which are many) and keep up with my online friends. I don't always comment on yours but do check it very often!

Sharon Crute said...

It's good to know that someone is reading the darn thing Jo...thank you! I haven't figured out how to check the subscribers or how many there may be (unlike my email service). I also enjoy reading some blogs and should check into that reader you mentioned.

Andrea Steiner said...

Ditto Jo's comment, Sharon. Blogs seem more personal; I have several favorites I follow, including yours, although I don't usually leave comments. Am not a Facebook fan.


Unknown said...

We read and enjoy all your blogs. I agree with you. Blogs are much better and you retain control over the content. Now that I'm retired I should be writing more but find that I am less disciplined about it. You inspire me to be better about it. Dawn

Sharon Crute said...

Andrea, I looked at your awesome website and didn't find a link to your blog...or do you not have one?

Sharon Crute said...

Dawn, glad you enjoyed my exploits. I could hear Bob's voice all summer whispering in my ear to be careful about what I publish. Too late now!
Your writing is impressive. I was so surprised to read about you two meeting Emile Gruppe and you portrayed it so eloquently. More!!!