Monday, January 26, 2009

Thawing, Not Chilling Out

Last week was crazy. Guests. Very cold weather. Power outage during very cold weather. House freezing. Inauguration. My b-day. More very cold weather.

For my birthday, I planned a day of beer and subs on the river. However, the thermometer read 25 degrees in the morning and even I'm not that tough. Been living in Florida too long - I just don't do cold anymore.

Plan B sent me to Gainesville to visit the Harn Museum of Art at the University. Warm inside. Diminutive but impressive as small museums are, this one possesses a surprisingly respectable permanent collection. It includes a nifty little sculpture by Nevelson as well as Rodin and Lachaise. Paintings by Monet, Bellow, Burchfield, Hassam and Soyer took me aback.

I was mesmerized by three Herman Herzog's as I didn't realize he had spent so much time painting in Florida. His landscapes are a bit nineteenth century academic, but stunning nevertheless.

herman herzog"Florida Sunset" oil on canvas, 25"x19", Herman Herzog

"The view is loaded with Light, Light, Light, ever changing and so wonderful in its myriad colors." - Candace Faber


Nancy Moskovitz said...

Happy Birthday!! I can't believe you had a power outage last week. brrrr

Sharon Crute said...

Thanks Nancy!

Brrr is an understatement. My thermostat was set at a nightime 60 degrees when the power went out. It dropped like a rock.