Thursday, January 08, 2009

Horse Stuff

It's my business to schmooze with my peeps whenever the opportunity arises. It was all horse people this week, beginning with a visit to Signature Stallions owned by William Schettine on Saturday. They were announcing the homecoming of Chapel Royal.

signature stallionsHe's a hunk of racehorse and a cool character to boot. I inquired the handler as to his blase disposition amidst the hoopla. The reply was "he's always this way". Hmmm, mellow is he?

Then it was on to the dreary mid-winter sale at OBS. We knew it would be dismal (he's not president yet) but it's a chance to see and be seen. The powers that be granted me permission to hang a painting with accompanying info at the entrance to the main sales ring. Makes me happy.

ocala breeders salesIt should have been called the low-end mares of Adena Springs sale. For value, I'd consider them a ginormous bargain considering who the mares were in foal to. If only I had a pocketful of money and a bigger back yard. Here's one of many A.S. barns with all the mares in a row awaiting inspection.

thoroughbred maresA good friend informed me that this is not a dappled gray, but rather the coloring is referred to as "marbling". All these years and I did not know that. This beauty looks like she just stepped off a carousel.

dappled gray
Somewhere along the way, maybe at Jamestown, America decided the sales figures were going to matter more than the product. - Steve Johnson


bonnieluria said...

Closed loop circle for you- this passion for horses, your captivating paintings of them, and having such close access.

A tri-fecta.

Sharon Crute said...

Thanks Bonnie. Seems you know a bit about betting the exotics.