Thursday, May 08, 2008

New! Blog Store

I'm starting something new, a Blog Store. You won't find this on my website - yet. I've been working on a series of smaller canvases to diversify my subject matter and experiment with technique and palettes.

Here's the first:
nightscape"Nightscape" 8"x10" oil on canvas

I'm interested in portraying water. A night scene seemed appropriate. This piece was created using a very limited palette of cadmium red light and pthalo blue.

To make it easy to purchase, I've listed it at right with a "buy now" button linked to PayPal.


Anonymous said...

Cheers Sharon! Look what you created using limited palette ( I'll say ) and tonal values. Very impressive.
Your love of your subject is so very evident.
To equine spirits everywhere.

Although not thoroughbreds, we have a master horse man here who takes riders for two hours through bush trails and lets them finish on the beach at sunset, unsaddles them, and lets the riders swim the horses in the Caribbean sea in water over their heads. It is most spectacular and you would just love the image.

Sharon Crute said...

Wow Bonnie, now that's a horseback ride I'd pay for! Have you done it? When I was a kid, we used to take our horses down to the local pond to splash around, but that's a long way from swimming with them on a tropical island at sunset!!