Sunday, May 18, 2008


"It was just a very lovely ride". Kent Desormeaux to Donna Brothers after pulling up.

I've heard and read all the reasons to hate Rick Dutrow and despise Big Brown. Those of you who ruminate on Dutrow's drug use, gambling and otherwise typical seedy race track life should be aware that he is indeed not far from the mainstream and certainly not out of the ordinary. The CEO Todd Pletcher types, while justly admirable, are few and far between. Dutrow represents the motherlode cast of characters on the backside. If you're offended by the Dutrow's of the industry, then you require your horse racing to be pristine and sanitized. You're missing out on some of, yes, albeit rough but sincerest of fascinating people.

The explosive acceleration of Big Brown when asked was nothing short of phenomenal. Horse racing needs a hero.

Dutrow sends his big horse to Frankel's barn. "It’s always good to have someone like that to talk to and try to get direction when I’m not sure what I’m doing". Hmmm. Very interesting. Now's not the time to get faint-hearted, Rick. I say don't change a thing. Bobby will tell you the same. Whatever it is or isn't - it's working. This horse is creating champions regardless of the entourage.

Steroid tests on all the runners in the Derby and Oaks came back negative.

It were not best that we should all think alike; it is difference of opinion that makes horse races” - Mark Twain


Anonymous said...

Godzilla! Your titles are so apt and capture the essence with great brevity!

Now here's a thing to ponder- just a point to raise. If sport enhancing drugs are accepted in horse racing or at least looked the other way, should pro players like Barry Bonds or Marion Jones be brought up before Senate hearings and arrested?
Just seems to be a double standard and wondered what your views are.
Or maybe I'm incorrect in thinking that it goes on in horse racing.
Anyway, I know you're well versed.

Sharon Crute said...

Ah, such a thoughtful comment on such a complex issue.

Bonnie, "sport enhancing drugs" are NOT accepted in horse racing which doesn't mean some don't attempt their usage. Various steroids and other drugs are allowed to be administered for therapeutic purposes by licensed veterinarians. Due to the prohibitive high cost of drug testing, only certain drugs are tested for. Urine samples are frozen for future tests as they develop. Technically, only Lasix is allowed to be administered on race day. Then there is a question of acceptable amounts of various drugs present in blood and urine samples.

The issue is immensely complex, however, in a nutshell, drug use in horse racing is not as rampant as the media would like you to believe. As usual, it's the bad apples. Personally, I'll be glad when we adopt the same zero-tolerance policy as other racing centers throughout the world.

Regarding the two human athletes you mentioned, their jail time is for doing a "whole lotta lyin". In addition to the drugs in question being obtained and administered illegally, they lied to federal investigators and grand juries. I think it's up to 14 counts of making false statements and one count of obstruction of justice for Barry Bonds.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sharon for the clarification.
I know you have the insiders' heart in this sport-
Frankly there isn't much in the media that I DO believe, starting way on high.
So I value your assessment.

And you're absolutely correct in pointing out that it's about the lies, stupid.
Why is telling the truth such an arcane concept? Because we don't seem to get punished for lying anymore except for the few scapegoats.

You've pointed out the difference in a very thoughtful, and succinct way.