Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Projects to be Done

Don't you hate it when I don't have pictures? I know I do.

Here's a to-do list since returning home from Saratoga:

1. Update mailing list - done
2. Cover art for Horse Shows in the Park - done
3. Saratoga commissioned pencil drawing of house - done
4. "Artist Within" public art project with Executive Chef Randal White - in progress
5. Exhibit of artwork at the Ocala International Airport - in progress
6. Reception at the Florida Farm Credit slated for early November - in progress
7. One woman exhibit at my gallery in Lexington, Kentucky for the month of October during the Keeneland fall meet. This is a huge priority - both Michael and I plan and work for this every day.
8. Get the book composed and into production - have a meeting with my partner this Sat.
9. Still kicking around composition for the Kentucky Derby artwork - on the back burner.
10. Instead of mass producing my Holiday artwork into greeting cards, I'm embarking on a limited test trial for my personal use - on the back burner.
11. Finish painting started on the sidewalk expedition in Saratoga - in progress.
12. Continue working on mural for the yacht "Unbridled" - ongoing.

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