Thursday, September 13, 2007

Print on Demand - Again

giclee reproduction"Harrowing" original oil on canvas 7'x10'

I know I've mentioned creating a reproduction for "print on demand" before, however this time I'm going forward with the concept with the above piece. Technology is quickly evolving the print market and I take a cue from Barney Davey, art consultant and author of How to Profit from the Art Print Market. "Print on demand" simply means that this will become an open edition and available in whatever the sizes will constrain to, the largest being 50"x72" (what my printer is capable of).

Now I know some of you are throwing up your hands in reaction to ethics, integrity, etc. We're not talking "limited edition". Let's face it, digital technology is changing rapidly and so are my views about the market.

Therefore, the above image is available as an open edition giclee on canvas. The pricing will remain relatively the same as I've not increased any of my prices in several years. Got a particular size wall in need of artwork? Let me know, I'll send you a giclee to fit.


Ct said...

I love your idea of print on demand.
As an artist also this is what we do to make the art available and affordable. You go for it and it's a wonderful piece.


Sharon Crute said...

Thanks CT. My gallery in Lexington, KY was really acceptable and excited about the entire premise...we'll see how it goes with the collectors...