Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lexington, Kentucky

My absence from this blog was not only due to recent travels but also in part to illness. Had a terrifically bad cold for a week and lost time not only in my heavy work load but also in preparation for my solo exhibit next month at Fayette Gallery. Have you ever had to travel and be professionally "on" regardless of feeling like crap? I affirm that my immune system is good for the rest of the season... many, many thanks to Michael for getting it all together alone with no assistance from me.

We delivered the work to the gallery in Lexington and spent some time at the Keeneland Sale. I've been to thousands of horse sales, nothing new under my sun. Wandered up to the main track and got a good close-up gander at the Polytrack.

polytrackIt's got bits of blue, red and yellow...stuff...sprinkled throughout. Quite fluffy as well. Strange but wonderful.

As the week goes on and I fully recuperate, I'll update in detail.

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