Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Scenes of Broadway

Those of you who've enjoyed strolling the sidewalks of Broadway in the heart of Saratoga Springs, New York, know what a lovely experience it is. Funky shops, trendy restaurants, bookstores and all manner of hipness line a beautifully maintained street replete with lush landscaping.

If only downtown Ocala could look this divine, I'd stay home in the summers...

new yorkThis is the entrance to the historic Adelphi Hotel. It's rumored that a healthy population of bats inhabit the belfry. I believe it. Years back, a painting of mine was exhibited in the business almost directly across the street. When I retrieved it, there was a little bat asleep and hanging from the top stretcher bar. The concierge was mortified but I knew it was a symbol of my official initiation into the milieu of Saratoga summers.

horse artSaratoga has extended the painted horses project, just like our Horse Fever community project here in Ocala. Fresh horses are positioned up and down the street and around town. This one was my favorite, the cave design rendered in earth tones.

This is one of many, many Victorian mansions. Such grand old ladies decked out in summer finery. This one is imposing at the corner of Broadway and Circular Drive.

horse racingAfter some time, frequent visits to a favorite place generates wonderful friendships with the locals. Our good friends, Steve and Mandy and our newest good friend, Julia Rose.

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