Monday, July 30, 2007

Saratoga Trip No. I

All business was conducted and accomplished in a whirlwind trip to Saratoga. Paintings and giclees delivered to appropriate venues, sidewalk reserved, apartment secured, got drunk on genuine Guinness, visited and stayed with friends and photographed early in the morning at Oklahoma. All within 24 hours and then it was off to Middleburg, Virginia. So much to show and tell - I promise to update throughout the next week.

curlinOne highlight of my morning at Oklahoma was photographing Curlin cooling out after returning from the track. If I'd been sharp and not so concerned with catching the golden light filtering through the trees for reference photos, I'd have followed the TVG cameraman around and caught him on the track.

oklahoma training trackHe has the demeanor of an older professional racehorse. Very calm and confident. Usually it's a struggle to keep these three-year-old colts on the ground without killing themselves or others.

He's good looking but I have to say there was nothing stately or grand about him. However, you still know you're in the company of potential greatness and viewing an entry into the history books.

saratoga springsKudos to Street Sense for hammering the Jim Dandy. Trainer Nafzger is pointing him to the Travers. Looks like I may need to re-think intentions for my painting of him. What a relief.

steve asmussenCurlin's trainer Steve Asmussen in a golden light.


Anonymous said...

I commented on another post, but realized that you might have trouble getting hold of me without an email. I used to ride with Mary (Russ)Tortola, and saw your beautiful photo of her on your blog. Would love to get in touch with her.
Dawn (Youngblood) Altman:

Thanks so much.

Sharon Crute said...

Dawn, your e-mail has been passed on to Mary.