Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Cargo Trailer

Nothing too exciting with this blog extraordinaire. Last week was spent preparing for Saratoga trip with giclees and readying canvases for sidewalk sideshow. Can't wait.

Made a run to Douglas, Georgia today to pick up our new cargo trailer. Michael had it custom built to haul artwork. "Blue Bayou" (our trusty Ford Van) is no longer large enough to accommodate my growing canvases - thus it's duties have been reassigned.

cargo trailerBoth did well in the extreme, sweltering heat. My original plan was to resell this puppy for a profit when we go north, but now that it's in my possession, I'm inclined to reconsider. It's perfect for schlepping art stuff.

painting pullerSo, I started a couple of canvases. One is of the oft requested Saratoga "backside", and the other is of Curlin - but now I'm not so sure of his marketability. My fantasy was to have Street Sense, Curlin and Rags to Riches reunite in the Travers (like everyone else) for the race of the decade. Rags to Riches was obviously knocked out from the incredible Belmont effort and Curling, well, I have faith in the laid-back dude. Street Sense is obviously in very capable hands and continues forward momentum. Now we direct new respect to Any Given Saturday. How does an artist predict who to paint and what will sell?

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