Monday, July 23, 2007

Rainy and Cold in Saratoga Springs

calico catI'll be relieved to escape the oppressive heat of Central Florida for upstate New York. However, when I tuned into the Weather Channel this morning, a storm was 'a brewin' in the northeast with the temperatures forecast only in the sixties. Brrrr, I do have wimpy Florida blood after all.

saratoga springsAs I prepare for the trip, my heart gets agoraphobic in regard to my cats. Even though a friendly cat-loving house sitter has been arranged, well, they're my joy. Mind you, I'm the kind of human who lies stiff and motionless in bed so as not to disturb their sleep. I pine for them while I'm gone and will actually forgo some potential traveling fun in order to get home sooner. My babies have mysterious, mesmerizing power over me. In times of stress, aggravation and overwork, they have the uncanny ability to make me smile. That, my friends, is priceless.


"Disturbia 1,2,3"

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