Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Pin-Toe!!!!!!!!!!

saratoga race track

Okay, it's corney, stupid and beyond silly, however, I just spent the last week thinking like an eight-year-old. It does make me yuk.

It's back to Saratoga this year. I skipped last year as I was overwhelmed with commission work. Still busy but I long to get back. Besides, I have a new venue to show my originals which I'll discuss more about later. Heading north this coming week to deliver. How could I stay away for so long? I've made wonderful friends and connections. Besides, it will be a welcome relief to get out of this Florida steam box.

It'll be a quick trip to deliver paintings and visit good friends. On the way home Michael and I might do a bit of gallery schmoozing in Virginia and North Carolina. Speaking of Virginia, we just watched Red Giant win the Virginia Derby and pay $76.00!

travers stakesNext month it'll be back up to Saratoga again for the Travers Stakes. We're renting an apartment for a week during which time I'll paint out on the sidewalk in front of Soave Faire on Broadway. I get very little work accomplished but I really get a kick out of hanging out and chatting with passersby. They pose for pictures with me and it's a hoot. The last year I was there (2005) the numbers of the two first finishers in my painting were the Travers exacta. Some people made a big deal out of it, like I'm psychic. Whatever, the fun never stops.

Speaking of the Travers, Street Sense worked 5/8ths this week in a bullet 57:40. Fingers crossed on his comeback. We've got some copyright issues to work out on that painting of him before I can begin marketing giclees.

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