Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What I Did

Alyson Stanfield, art marketing guru extraordinaire, writes a fabulous e-newsletter which is delivered to my in box for FREE every Monday morning. This week she's urging artists to take stock of what they've accomplished over the past year. Here goes:

  • This year was commissioned-filled like never before, meaning clients want me to create customized works of art for them. As a result, cash flow was, well...flowing.
  • I picked up three new galleries in Aiken, South Carolina; Lexington, Kentucky; and Hot Springs, Arkansas with owners that I feel extremely confident about.
  • Bookkeeping became a priority. I devised a system to do it MYSELF and I've been faithfully tracking every penny. This is huge for me and I'm proud of this accomplishment!
  • I took an intensive Bruce Baker workshop in January and my eyes were opened! I now actually enjoy marketing and taking control of my own business.
  • Purchased scaffolding to save my neck painting these huge canvases. I also bought rubber flooring for the studio to cushion my climbing and jumping.
  • The website was completely overhauled by Angee Chase of Webwrx. I'm thrilled with the results...it's says "me" and then some.
  • I started intensively keeping a mailing list and began e-mailing announcements, updates, new work info, exhibits, etc. about once a month.
  • Reading list consisted of positive, affirmative prosperity creating books. One standout was "Treat Yourself to Life" by Raymond Charles Barker, published in 1954. Awesome.
  • Saw many movies - I love them. Huge standout: "The Secret". I highly recommend this film to anyone who desires to control and create the conditions in their life.
  • Was featured artist at Gallery East in February.
  • Participated in group show at Brick City Artist's Association, "Best of the Season".
  • Created program cover and poster artwork for H.I.T.S 2006 and Live Oak 2006. Artwork for Live Oak was used on billboards throughout central Florida. Very cool to drive down interstate and see my painting huge and in the air!
  • Designated Mondays as my business day to call, e-mail, market, do book work, research, replenish needed supplies, etc.
  • Eliminated shows and events that aren't cost effective or profitable. In other words, I said "no" (thank you) several times.
  • At Marion Cultural Alliance's fund-raising project "Block Party" artists were asked to create a 12" square canvas which were later auctioned off. Over 225 canvases were beautifully and diversely created. My canvas received the highest bid and was chosen first. These kinds of blessings assure me that I'm doing the right things in the right way.
  • Ben Baugh (journalist par excellence) wrote a great article about my visit to Aiken, SC which was published in the Aiken Standard local newspaper. I'll also be featured in an upcoming newsletter for the North Florida Farm Credit Union. Also received nods from the Star Banner, Ocala Style, Florida Horse and I gave permission to use some of my images in advertising.
  • Speaking of, advertised in the Thoroughbred Times, a national weekly horse racing trade magazine.
  • Experimented with gold leaf and acrylic (the medium for my "Block Party" canvas). Created three pieces, sold two.
  • Started keeping this blog. Writing about my work helps me focus on my process and reveals intentions, aspirations and inspirations. Even if no one ever reads this, writing is a concrete way of organizing my thoughts and ideas.

In a week or two I'll post a list of my intentions and goals for 2007.

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