Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goals 2007

On December 19th I made a list of accomplishments for 2006. It was an effective exercise to reinforce my painting and business achievements and somewhat of a reassurance that I'm focusing in the right direction. I promised to list the new goals and here goes:

For business:
  • I believe I can take this so-called "genre" painting and pull it into the mainstream. Confidence abounds thanks to the response from non-horse people who purchase my paintings and giclees. Continuing in the direction of the current multi-canvas project, the creations will increase accessibility to a wider, larger client base.
  • As the projects grow in physical size, I intend to seek corporate clients and representation. I'm thinking lobbys of sports books, walls of race tracks and other sporting facilities, boardrooms, any public buildings, etc.
  • The cash flow this year was great. However, I'm implementing a new business plan with Michael's help to increase sales. I intend to increase my income by ??? The amount is as large as I can envision.
  • I have over forty images in giclee reproduction. Widespread distribution throughout the country (and beyond) is imperative. The images should be in every race track, gift shop, tack shop, feed store, frame shop - and any other outlet we can get them into.
  • 2006 was the first year that I made a concrete positive shift in my attitude about bookkeeping and marketing. I love the left-brained me that I didn't know existed! My first year of keeping books was a learning experience and is improving. As for marketing, my goal is to read books and materials, network, take courses, attend seminars - whatever it takes to continue to grow my business.
  • This year Michael and I are poised to experiment with POD (print on demand). I'll soon offer an open edition giclee quality reproduction on canvas in any size requested.
The artwork:
  • I read recently that one of the mistakes artists make is not determining what direction they want their career path to go in, i.e. becoming a museum artist or an artist that makes $50,000 yearly. (that's all?) I say why can't an artist do both - create museum worthy artwork that SELLS.
  • I intend to learn e-bay once and for all and offer "painting a day" size originals from this blog and the website.
  • The book. The book will be finished and in print by...drum roll please...summer 2007. There it is in writing. About twenty-five more drawings and we've got ourselves a best-seller!
  • I will consider...consider, mind you...renting a larger studio. I love working at home but realistically I outgrew my studio years ago. Plus, Michael needs more space for his office and printing which will move him into my current studio space.
  • Work harder, study harder, manage my time more efficiently, excel at managing my money - do whatever it takes to get rich and famous!
  • Balance that work ethic with playtime. All our road trips are for business only. I intend to take an extra day on these trips to relax and enjoy.

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