Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Holiday Sales

In previous years, I've been absolutely inundated with private commissions in the weeks prior to the holidays. I'm painting like a fiend right up until the last few days before Christmas. Business has been different this year. I'm finishing up with the commissions in a timely manner and it's only December 6th. However, the giclee print business is booming like never before. We have 30 or so reproductions to produce this weekend alone and more are ordered daily. This has caused me to contemplate the shift that's occurred this year. Is it due to political influences, the war, the reallocation of power, technological changes, economic mood and the like? I discussed this with some of my artist friends and and surprisingly, they share my experience. One friend said that she usually closes the book on commissions on October 31st but it's still wide open. Hmmm, times are a-changin'. I'm not complaining, I happen to be married to my printer and money is money. One thing you can be certain of in this universe - everything is in a state of continuous flux.

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