Monday, December 16, 2013

Onward and upward (again)!

The building we're renting for our gallery/living quarters has been sold. We're moving on and the feelings are bittersweet. There's great energy here: history, ghosts, the spirit of many ethnic groups who have stamped their presence on the neighborhood to infiltrate our milieu. Ah, but change is good and we'll look forward to new opportunities.

The art biz has changed so much in the past few years. Is it due to the recession? Or the way our clients purchase art? Or that we as artists have had to take on the role of self-promotion that wasn't required a mere few years ago? More than likely a combination of all of the above. Remember the days when we hooked up with a prestigious gallery that sold our work for us, freeing us to joyously create?

With that said, we won't be searching out a new gallery space. I've been working this career a long, long time and the majority of my business is repeat customers who contact me via phone or email. I also reap the benefits of internet marketing from my website and a bit from (dare I say) social media. I also have a mailing list that I've honed and cultivated to represent those who have either purchased from me or very likely will purchase. Included are those who are sincere fans who may or may not purchase yet hopefully endorse and recommend my artwork. When we put the pencil to paper to determine the profit ratio of the gallery space...well, the numbers didn't justify.

So, as I assess the past two years here in the so-called Historic Arts District on Beekman Street, I will say that our participation in the entity has been a disappointment. 'Nuf said. There are some individuals and organizations who have worked tirelessly to promote Saratoga Springs as an arts destination. God bless them. A tourist town is a tourist town and those six weeks in the summer prove it. Another curious factoid for the business minded here in Saratoga: if you're not located on Broadway - you're screwed. Just my opinion.

If you'd like to see all my original paintings in one place, make haste. We'll be moving at the end of December and my artwork will be designated to places afar. Also, my dear friend Robert Stebleton is sticking with me to the end. I'm extremely honored to have his nationally renown paintings in my gallery. The chance to savor his artwork is reason enough for you to visit the gallery in the next few weeks.

The gallery/studio in pretty times.
Working on yet another new business plan,

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