Wednesday, May 05, 2010

PRB - Post Recession Blues

Every artist feels restless angst about their artwork at certain points in their career.

During the bad economy, my productive approach morphed from innovative creating to...well, what the heck will sell. Although my business is optimistically increasing now, I seem to be affected by a bit of boredom and uninspired malaise. No doubt a result of losing sight of why we become artists in the first place.

But there's hope! As I floundered in the "what will sell" mode, I also found myself experimenting into new genres. A New England native with salt water in my veins - ocean paintings seem only natural...

seascape paintingOcean painting sketch, oil on canvas, 11"x14"

It's the foam that's important. The foam will play the leading role in a near-future painting.

"Blue, green, grey, white, or black; smooth, ruffled, or mountainous; that ocean is not silent." - H. P. Lovecraft


Carlynne said...

I love this Sharon! It takes me there, I don't spend enough time at the beach. Why is that?! we're so close!

Newt said...

Stop it stop it stop it!

Another surf painting!

It's simply beautiful. I love the green you used in the wave.

I'd love to own your entire surf catalog :)

Nancy Moskovitz, artist said...

I got to see this beautiful painting in person today; it's in the window. Love it. This is a challenging subject to compose as well as paint. You nailed it.

Sharon Crute said...

Lynn, it's a weird phenomenon. Even if I never go to the beach, I have to live within easy driving distance - just knowing it's there if I want to. When I lived in Kentucky I was so restless being landlocked. I think everyone who has grown up near the shore experiences this feeling.

Thom: So far my entire surf catalog consists of two paintings and you own one of them!!!

Nancy: Thanks for the encouraging words. Can't wait to see the paintings you created in the workshop on Friday. From one color lover to another...oh this should be good.

Anonymous said...

Horse foam, sea foam, you can paint everything with the same vitality and power. Isn't it good to break out of a genre.
And you call it a sketch! I say, it's a painting.
I'll echo that near the beach phenomenon. I can walk it, but find I rarely do. That's what visitors and houseguests get me to do. Otherwise, it's life and where we live and all that it comes with.