Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Neck in Front

Getting creative with titles for these racing paintings is becoming a challenge. Now I understand why some artists just number their pieces.

thoroughbred paintin"Neck in Front", oil on canvas, 16"x20"

So, Michael walks into the studio this afternoon and says: "You're painting sorta abstract with a lot of brushwork, getting away from detail." He's tentative, I'm feeling sorta good about this direction.

I printed out Irwin Greenberg's "Words to Paint By" kindly posted on one of Robert Genn's clickbacks. Taking my time to read through the list of 100, they are to be savored. Here's a couple that are apropos to this painting:

3. Suggest
14. Keep it simple.
94. To emphasize something means that the other parts of a picture must be muted.

Blog quote is from "Whispering Winds of Change", by one of my favorite spiritual gurus, Stuart Wilde.

"Of course spiritually, recession and financial disaster are a marvelous thing. It's hard to persuade people to change their ways while they're hurtling around in their Porches. But once you deprive a person of their security blanket of materialism they are left with only themselves."


Karen McLain said...

Wow, I really like your brush work! That is something that I'm working on myself, and you are so expressive with it. I like the movement it describes, it really matches the movement of your piece.

Unknown said...

I really love how we see the straining in the horses to win the race in their neck muscles! I also love how you have the red/orange touches in the horse that is winning, along with its rider, and the railing (which makes me think "forward!)" AND, I like how the focus of the winning horse's eyes is ahead, while the horse that is behind is not looking ahead to the finish line - very sophisticated story telling in this painting! Beautiful.

Sharon Crute said...

Karen: I've been trying to improve my brushwork for a long time. Don't know what I was afraid of...

Joanne: Glad the painting reads the way it is intended. Thanks for visiting!