Saturday, March 28, 2009

Montana the Thoroughbred

Even the horses come out to view my painting exhibits.

Meet Montana, a former racing thoroughbred turned extreme racing-through-the-woods-jumping-over-obstacles fox hunter.

thoroughbredMontana's human, Susan, insists that Montana accompany her on all of her activities. So, out of the trailer for a jaunt down the sidewalk to pose (as pretty as any stallion ad) for a photo shoot in downtown Melrose, Florida.

Meeting Montana and Susan was inevitable during my visit with the Misty Morning Foxhounds last month . I can spot a thoroughbred from 500 paces and immediately recognized those fine features and tilt of the head from a group of many.

race horseSusan keeps this twelve-year-old fit and gorgeous. Doesn't he look like he just arrived at Keeneland for the Bluegrass Stakes?

FYI: The exhibit "Hooves and Horns" has been extended one week at the Melrose Bay Art Gallery until April 5th.

“I like it. He's a thoroughbred.” - Mike Williams


Karen McLain said...

He is beautiful! What a Ham too! "I'm the Star", most Thoroughbreds just know this!

Jan Blawat said...

I guess I just assumed foxhunters ride Thoroughbreds. Is this not true? What else do they ride?

Sharon Crute said...

Karen: He's as cool as they come and ate up the attention. And so bonded with Susan...heartwarming.

Jan: In this club there are all kinds of horses hunting. From scrappy ponies to huge cold bloods. I'm sure there are lots of thoroughbred mixes but Montana screamed "race horse" to this former race tracker.

Anonymous said...

I read and reread the way you referred to Susan as Montana's human. It set the tone for the reverence you have and show for horses and your art.

That is one elegant, surely very revered thoroughbred- wish I was there to slide a hand over a flank.

There's always something to learn on your blog.