Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Name That Painting

I'm seriously at a loss for painting titles. Any ideas?

thoroughbred artAs yet untitled, oil on board, 12"x16".

Working on the slick surface of Masonite aids the creamy flow of brushstrokes. Notice I tackled the yellow issue "head on" (yuk yuk). Any strong color works if it's repeated in the composition. It aids in stability, anchoring itself - Matisse taught me that. As an art student, I intensely studied his use of color, form and its' spatial placement. The painting below, "The Piano Lesson", served as one effective art lesson. Absolutely brilliant and beautiful.

matisse"The Piano Lesson", oil on canvas, 8' 1/2" x 6' 11 3/4", 1916.

"All things considered, there is only Matisse." - Pablo Picasso


Jacquelyn Modesitt Schindehette said...

I know nothing about the horse racing industry so I can't help with a title using technical terminology. But, since you have been challenged by the yellow cap how about "Study in Blue and Yellow"?

Nancy Moskovitz said...

I don't have a title either, but I love the painting, and the one that is your banner, and your art quotes that nail it every time.
Bug Eyes isn't quite right, right?

Anonymous said...

Hoodwink or Trigger Happy

Valerie said...

Two possible titles come to mind: “Muscling Up on the Outside” and “Kicking Away.”

How ironic that you should mention Matisse--just discussed his work and Picasso in my survey of Western Art class today!

Anonymous said...

Camptown Cuff
-nice work Sharon

Anonymous said...

Or simply Off the Cuff.

Sharon Crute said...

Thank you all for your input and suggestions for a title. I decided on "Pressing the Pace" submitted via e-mail, but I'll save all of
'em for future paintings.