Thursday, February 26, 2009

State of the Arts

Purusing a couple of interesting articles today in this month's ARTnews magazine regarding the current art market. You can read them for yourself online at their website. Below are a few quotes from "A New Creativity" by Ann Landi with some unsolicited comments from you know who.

"...a number of prominent critics predicted that the economic nosedive could be a good thing for the art world at large - 'a vital correction'..." Kind of like what's happening in the thoroughbred racing industry on several levels. Hmm, yes and no.

"Difficult times bring out the best in the best artists. When the economy falters, there can be a remarkable growth of seriousness in art" - David Ross, director of Albion New York. Oh, we're serious alright. Most of us have leaped over to the left-side brain trying to figure out how to sell it ourselves. Talk to any "serious" artist and you'll discover a new bright and shiny businessperson.

"I'd say the bohemian fantasy is sweet and sentimental, but rather insulting to artists..." - Christopher Knight, art critic, LA Times. Personally, I like three squares and electricity.

"We're going to see a shift toward work that's more psychological and introspective and more out of an old-fashioned studio kind of work." Gary Garrels, senior curator of painting and scultpture, SFMOMA. And you thought we were all crazy before the economic downturn.

"People who travel light and do things that are contrary and ephemeral are going to have a good moment." - Rober Storr, dean, Yale U. School of Art. OMG, my time is finally coming!!!

"Artists are basically problem solvers. They will respond to whatever the situation is in completely unpredictable ways." Bonnie Clearwater, dir., Mus. of Contemporary Art, N. Miami. Heh, heh, don't say she didn't warn you.

And from the article "How to Buy in 2009" by Milton Esterow:

"I think we will also see better art produced. I think in times like these artists will spend more time considering the art they are creating, instead of being driven to produce art for the marketplace." - Roland Augustine, Pres. Art Dealers Assoc. Relatively speaking. That mean old mother of necessity dictated that we'd also increase inventory while considering a new direction. Aren't all serious artists constantly working to improve skills, technique and make a compelling statement while their at it?

"Collectors are obsessive, compulsive, and competitive people who always like to get the best first." - Don Rubell, collector. Mr. Rubell, call me.

Have you hugged your artist today?


Nancy Moskovitz said...

Great post. You say it all better than I could in a comment. I totally agree with artists as problem solvers. ... at least you and I are.

Sharon Crute said...

Isn't it interesting what our associates say about us and predict what we'll do?