Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rear of the Horse

horse racing artOil wash, 18"x30"

A new painting begun. I'm inspired by the shod feet in mid stride, flinging up the dirt or turf (or synthetic stuff). Painting feet is always a challenge. Mighty little triangles offset and extremely flexible, capable of excessive angles of unnatural proportions. Supporting immense weight. I'm mesmerized by the super slow-mo videos illustrating the completion of the stride. You've seen them, when their feet wobble like ball joints in mid air.

I also want to illustrate the powerful muscles in the hind quarters. If you must, yes, I'm painting horses asses.

“Anatomically speaking, they run on their toes. That makes them very fragile. A human being would have to put his weight on his middle finger to duplicate the proportion of weight the horse hoof supports as it hits the ground". - Lawrence R. Soma, professor of anesthesia and clinical pharmacology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine


Longshot said...

Love your blog. You always have something to say. I would like to see videos of horses racing in slow motion as well. Do you have an e-mail newsletter and information list and if so how do I get added to it?

Sharon Crute said...

Longshot: videos of slo-mo horse racing is a tough find on the web, although I see them all the time on the TV racing channels.

Visit my website at On the opening page at the lower right is the link to sign up for my newsletter. Thanks for stopping by!

Aunty Belle said...

Hidy do...I jes' left ya a note on the Cracker Horse I'm lookin around in heah, gettin' to know ya!

Sharon Crute said...

Aunty Belle: thanks for dropping by!