Friday, November 21, 2008

Art Business News Emerging Artist

This large rock resembles the one I crawled out from under this morning....down with a wicked cold...all better now, however, what an imposition! The only good thing, if any be declared, is getting caught up on all the reading material. Read, doze, read, doze. Perhaps illness is a way of the body forcing rest on those who won't...

art business newsI would have participated in gleeful celebration upon receiving this news if not for the aforementioned: I'm featured as an "Emerging Artist" in this month's edition of "Art Business News". Yeah! I'm quite honored with the distinction.

The Free Online Dictionary defines "emerging" as:
Newly formed or just coming into prominence; emergent: as in emerging markets; the emerging states of Africa.

I thought I had emerged years ago but I'll not dicker over semantics.

Its plot is loose and tortuous and will take some time for its stars to emerge.” - Alan Hamilton (how gloriously melodramatic!)


Anonymous said...

Emerging after 30 years! Like calling the Beatles and overnight success.
Matters not.
It's great PR and that article with your dramatic paintings should banish your sniffles. Substitute blowing your horn for blowing your nose.

Sharon Crute said...

Bonnie, thanks and duly noted (about the nose blowing!)

Regarding "emerging": reminds me of the reference to race horses other than thoroughbreds (arabs, quarters, apps and mules) who are considered "emerging breeds". I think the Arabians emerged a few centuries ago!

Sue Smith said...

Sharon, this is great news and I'm celebrating gleefully with you -- it's an honor long over due you by ABN.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

I was just stopping by to say HEY I SAW YOU in ABN!!! You have it posted here too!


Sharon Crute said...

Thanks so much everyone!

I'm thrilled!!!