Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dinner Guests

If you could invite any three living persons to dinner, who would you ask? That's the question posed by Katie Couric last night to the presidential candidates. Which of course, spurred my noggin into gear...who would I ask?

Warren Buffet, for his phenomenal knowledge of money and his generosity in sharing said knowledge. Deepak Chopra for my spiritual fix. And then I thought about who I'd invite from the art biz, a mentor type, an icon, a mover and shaker. Reality check...all my heroes have passed on. Try as I might, I couldn't think of a single art-related person from whom I would glean insight, great knowledge, or the secret to flaming art world success. Someone who'd exude an aura of gigantic significance over mashed potatoes. You know, the person who's aesthetic brilliance and insight would leave us all jaw-dropping spellbound.

So, who would YOU ask to dinner? And you artists out there, what art biz celebrity/sage/business icon is worthy of one of those precious three invites? Perhaps you would choose someone local, closer to you who has created a significant impact on your art career.

"The ornaments of your house will be the guests who frequent it". - Author Unknown


Anonymous said...

Sharon- I wondered the same thing as the question was asked on the spot.
I would not have thought to answer with a General of wartime as my first having declared that,
these would be my choices.
Gloria Steinem: intelligent, sassy, analytical and progressive.
Jon Stewart: humor and brains are my cocktail of choice.
And Louise Nevelson, an iconoclast, an original.

Showing my true roots here, I know.

Sharon Crute said...

I love your guest list Bonnie. Jon Stewart would indeed inject some comedic relief and brevity into dinner conversation. However, sculptress extraordinaire Ms. Nevelson passed on in 1988 and the criteria of the question states guests be living.

But wouldn't it be outstanding to meet such a strong, pioneering woman? Or, we could throw a dinner party where the guests must wear heavy eye makeup and dress in black velvet and boas.