Friday, August 08, 2008

Tear Down Those Walls, Mr. Bray!

WARNING: there are no pretty pictures in this post.

I've been gradually collecting porcelain and decorative tiles for quite some time with the intention of re-tiling the shower off the kitchen. Having obtained the sum amount required for the project, I asked Michael to remove the old tiles. Well, because ours is an older home, there is no home improvement endeavor that does not beget several more.

Here's dearest standing in a hole where the shower used to be. He's non too pleased about my renovation ambitions and even less thrilled about being photographed in the trenches:

home improvementTurns out the walls and floors are significantly rotted and mildewed and plumbing must be replaced. Now we're into major renovation. Me, whining: "...I just wanted to re-tile the shower..."

bathroom debrisThe pile of debris is our driveway is extremely unpleasant and growing. Is there an abstract/cubist painting here?

Of course, this affects studio time as the bathroom is just on the other side of one wall. I found out that it's difficult to paint on a canvas vibrating from sawzalls and sledgehammers.

"Every act of construction is an act of destruction". - Pablo Picasso


Anonymous said...

Dang blast it but your posts are always ameliorated by some totally appropriate proverb!
And no less from Picasso.

Breaking the egg to make the omelet, no good deed goes unpunished, the list goes on and one thing is for certain.
There is never a single stage home improvement process.

But no doubt it will be beautiful when it's all over.

Still, you have my empathy.

Nancy Moskovitz said...

I feel your pain...and Michael's too.

Rest assured you are not alone. Our house is a mere 20 years old. To change one kitchen sink requires a total kitchen remodel. I checked. I may wait another 20 years.

Sharon Crute said...

It's a work in progress...It's a work in progress...It's a work in progress...It's a work in progress...It's a work in progress...It's a work in progress...