Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finally, Time to Paint

Regardless of home renovation chaos, work must proceed. As much as I love working at home, this past week has me seriously considering a studio off premises. After all, every artist requires "zen time" to be creative. It's been a strain and a lesson in just what concentration necessitates from my easily distracted brain...

Finally, a new painting in the beginning stages. Yet another request for "horses runnin' atcha" from an excellent gallery. I aim to please.

thoroughbred racingOil wash on canvas, 34"x60"

The "Curlin" portrait is in northern transit as I write. Amazing how the Champ can generate lots interest with a mere mention of running in the Woodward.

"The only way I could work properly was by using the absolute maximum of observation and concentration that I could possible muster". - Lucian Freud


Marian Fortunati said...

I always love to visit your work... Energetic and lovely!!
Say.. where do you come up with all of those quotes? ... I loved the one you put in comparing the sun rising with a fur-ball being coughed up! :0) What an image..

Anonymous said...

Sharon- oil wash- sounds so loose yet looks so intentional, like you knew where every stroke was going.
You make it look so easy and also make it look like you know equine anatomy inside and out.

Ah, another reader who loves your quotes!

Sharon Crute said...

Marian and Bonnie: thanks for stopping by.

I love snippets of inspiration. The apropos quotes seem to manifest from minds experiencing what I am. Drawing from the collective unconsciousness perhaps? I write the encouraging stuff on the walls of my studio.