Monday, June 23, 2008

Saratoga Grandstand Beginning

saratoga racetrackWash drawing, 24"x48"

The most requested Saratoga painting is of a race with the recognizable grandstand in the background. Mind you, it's an undertaking. This first wash drawing took me two days. Straight edging the architectural lines is a breeze compared to the huge crowd scene that should be convincingly portrayed. I've been trying to find other artists who've managed it within any sports genre. Interesting.

My group of runners aren't working. The depth of field and perspective is off but at least I realized it immediately. I thought the laggers at the back of the pack would get noticeably smaller as they followed the leaders into the turn but the viewpoint is tighter, closer, and the horses should all appear similar in size, even as they turn away. I especially noticed this with the second from last (left) horse that I wanted to go wide into the turn. After two days of intensive drawing, I'm anxious to get rolling so I'll fix the flaws and make changes as I go along. This is the point in the painting where these adjustments become apparent anyway.

I also started another painting to work on when this one drives me nuts.

A hundred years ago when I was in art school, my painting teacher suggested that I begin a painting from the center and work my way out. This would give me a frame of reference for spatial relationships and values. I think he realized that my subject would be inherently complex. In this piece, I think he's right.

"Perspective is to painting what the bridle is to the horse, the rudder to a ship". - Leonardo da Vinci


Nancy Moskovitz said...

Good call. Identifying the problem is more than half way there. You'll get it.

kitoko said...

Beautiful paintings. I stumbled across your site because you mentioned Carol Gillot, who is a favorite of mine. I just wanted to let you know that "it's" is not a possessive, it is always a contraction.

Sharon Crute said...

Nancy, thanks for the vote of confidence. I need it.

Kitoko, thanks for the compliment.

But I'm not sure about the grammar correction. I can only find "it's" used in this statement: Mind you, it's an undertaking. In this case, "it's" is indeed a contraction as in "it is an undertaking". I do get fairly anal about my spelling and grammar. After all, if I make an error (and I often do - excruciating) people will think I'm stupid and illiterate.

I haven't written about or even read Carol's exquisite blog in a long time. Ah, Google. For the curious, "it's" Paris Breakfasts:

kitoko said...

Sharon Crute combines a passion for horse racing and it's translation into art.

That's the part I was referring to. The "it's" refers to horse racing and not "it
is translation into art." Sorry to be such a hardass, but it was pretty glaring
right there on the top. (M.A. in English, former teacher and presently a flight
attendant with too much time on my hands!)


Sharon Crute said...

Okay Jill, you're (you are) absolutely right. Next post I'll ( I will) probably change the entire statement. I'm (I am ) embarrassed. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
Love, Sharon